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We Understand Your Challenges

  • Talent retention and the high cost of turnover
  • Hiring and training solutions that don’t scale
  • A lack of talent with the necessary culinary skills and credentials
  • Rising wages and operating costs

Escoffier Global has assisted businesses large and small with their talent needs. A plan can be customized to address your specific business needs, too.

A chef tosses herb-seasoned potatoes in a skillet over a hot flame at a restaurant kitchen

Tools to build high-performing teams


ESource for On-Demand Culinary Training

ESource is an innovative learning platform tailored to meet the culinary industry’s dual needs for quick, on-the-spot training and deeper, assessed learning. Our technique videos offer on-demand insights for immediate skill application, perfect for fast-paced kitchen environments. Meanwhile, our self-directed micro-courses and comprehensive courses provide assessed learning, complete with badges to validate progress, for those looking to deepen their skill set

  • Expertly curated content for both quick fixes and in-depth training
  • Mobile-friendly design for learning anytime, anywhere
  • Scalable and cost-effective to fit the needs of organizations large and small
ESource: The solution to your culinary & hospitality training needs

National Work & Learn Employer Partner Program

Unlike traditional education benefits that may be limited in scope or difficult to implement, our program lowers the barriers, making it simpler and more cost-effective for you to invest in your employees’ ongoing education. Provide a support system for your employees and work to becoming an employer of choice while building a more skilled and dedicated workforce for the future.

  • Access to a $2,000 scholarship from Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts for each employee
  • Marketing support to effectively announce and roll out the partnership benefits to your team
  • Increase visibility as a Work & Learn partner on EConnect
Work & Learn at Angry Cactus restaurant

get started today

Step 1

Sign up

Distinguish your company as an industry leader committed to workforce development.

Step 2

Offer Scholarships

Make education more accessible with flexible, online education from an accredited culinary school and consult your tax professional for possible tax incentives.

Step 3

Promote Work & Learn

We’ll help you spread the word to your current workforce, hiring managers, and job candidates.

Step 4

Grow with confidence

76% of employees say they are more inclined to stay in a company if it offers continuous learning and development.1


Unique Solutions Tailored to Your Business Needs

Organizations can thrive when they have solutions specifically designed to meet their needs. Our custom services are crafted to align with the specific requirements of your culinary or hospitality enterprise, enhancing both effectiveness and efficiency in your operations.

Onsite Training

Collaborate with us to identify your unique training needs, then choose the ideal location. We’d be pleased to offer a modern kitchen environment or travel to a site that suits you. Our instructors deliver custom training in everything from essential kitchen practices to advanced culinary techniques, designed to meet your specific learning objectives.

Train-the-Trainer Programs

We work closely with you to understand your internal training needs. Armed with this insight, we provide your in-house trainers with targeted methodologies and best practices, turning them into efficient educational leaders.

Consulting Services

Our consultation begins with a deep dive into your specific challenges and objectives. From there, we craft customized strategies aimed at enhancing your operational performance.

A young male chef with tattooed arms prepares a dish in a restaurant kitchen while the staff looks on

Smart Culinary and Hospitality Recruitment

Our complimentary job board gives you instant access to a wide range of culinary professionals, including students and graduates from our partner institution, Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. Start by creating a profile and posting your open positions. We’ll work with you to offer additional advertising and recruiting opportunities based on your company’s hiring demands.

  • Create a company profile and start posting jobs today
  • Specifically designed for culinary and hospitality recruiting
  • Gain direct access to Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts students, externs, and graduates
A kitchen staff preparing meals in a restaurant kitchen with a screenshot of EConnect tool A kitchen staff preparing meals in a restaurant kitchen with a screenshot of EConnect tool

Companies Large and Small Are Turning to Education and Training as a Differentiator in Hiring

Of workers believe employer-provided upskilling is important when looking for a new job.2
Of workers who participated in an upskilling program advanced in their careers.3
Of workers say upskilling opportunities are an important reason to stay at their job.4

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