Our Mission

We collaborate with organizations to equip the next generation of culinary artists with essential tools, comprehensive training, and critical resources to create the leaders of tomorrow. By aligning with the missions and values of these organizations, we create a mutually beneficial partnership.

The future of the industry and humanity itself hinges on sustainable farming, nutrition, climate change and more, which will be guided by educated food leaders working in dynamic culinary and hospitality businesses.

A smiling female chef flambes in a frying pan in a restaurant kitchen

How We Work

From the C-Suite of Fortune 1000 companies to neighborhood restaurants, we collaborate with clients to foster sustainable innovation, secure enduring improvements in performance, and cultivate workforces that will excel both today and for future generations.

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Our Story

We began in 2021 as a specialized team within the renowned Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, the largest culinary school brand in the USA.1

Our aim was to collaborate with organizations dedicated to enhancing their employees’ educational experiences. The industry signaled a strong desire not just to support their workforce, but to actively find new avenues for attracting, developing, and retaining top talent through tailored learning and education solutions.

Acknowledging this unmet need, we evolved. In 2023, we became Auguste Escoffier Global Solutions, an autonomous entity singularly focused on addressing the distinct challenges of the culinary and hospitality sectors. Born out of industry demand, we are committed to delivering targeted solutions that transform your workforce and elevate your operations. Join us on this exciting journey to reshape the future of culinary and hospitality workforce development.

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of employees indicated that they would stay with their employers for the long term if they were offered better training and development.

Source: edX survey

About Auguste Escoffier

Auguste Escoffier, the namesake of our organization, was a pioneering French chef who revolutionized the culinary world.

Born in 1846, Escoffier is often regarded as the “King of Chefs and Chef of Kings,” a testament to his transformative influence on classical cuisine. He streamlined kitchen operations, introduced the brigade system, and codified French culinary techniques in his seminal works such as “Le Guide Culinaire.”

Escoffier’s passion for the art of cooking and his innovative approach to culinary education serves as the cornerstone for our mission at Escoffier Global: to empower the next generation of culinary artists with the tools, training, and resources they need to excel.

Auguste Escoffier sitting at a desk
Auguste Escoffier Global Solutions headquarters building in Schaumburg, Illinois Auguste Escoffier Global Solutions headquarters building in Schaumburg, Illinois

About Triumph Higher Education Group LLC

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois, Triumph Higher Education Group LLC is a global organization dedicated to providing dynamic high-quality experiences using superior technology and education to create exceptional outcomes.

Triumph owns Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, which is the largest culinary school brand in the U.S., based on comparable student data currently reported in IPEDS.2

Auguste Escoffier Global Solutions LLC and Gecko Hospitality, the largest recruiting firm dedicated solely to the hospitality and restaurant industry, operate under Triumph Talent Solutions LLC.

For more information visit, Triumph Higher Education Group.


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